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is a community based startups with the main purpose is to help other startups and small businesses through mobile apps in the field of Marketing, ERP (accounting), Information Technology, and Human Resources Management System with low or no cost.

As we are a startup ourselves, we understand the difficulties of being a startup, and we want to be your partner of your journey where you can tap our skills and knowledge in Technology. This community will become your Family, your Vessel, your Train and your Rocket to reach your business goals in colaboration with other startups. We will promote your products, your services and your skills as we expand our networking with other diverse communities and marketing agencies in Toronto and beyond. For us, being a startup is a good thing, because we preserve good values, to be simple and kind while enjoying helping others.

For the initial efforts, we already created prototype apps in Android and iOS phones where you can update your business news, post your ads for free, create a single page website and manage your accounting software also for free. We want to create synergy amongst us, among the small businesses. All of this with the convenience of using your mobile or tablet anywhere, anytime.

Moving forward, we also would like to become technopreneur to promote Blockchain, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligent to the community. Our mission is to prepare our members to usher the inevitable coming of industry 4.0 : The Age of Technological Disruption and take advantage of this industrial revolution waves as early adopters.
It is better not to be submerged when the waves come unless you have a submarine. We can be your little submarine!
A blockchain for example is an immutable ledger and database, which can eliminate the necessity of middle men, by implementing smart contracts, notary and internet of things into the system. Some of the affected business would be brokers, traders, financial institution such as banks, insurance, factoring / reverse factoring, luxury goods, farming, mining, all services which need identifications such as school and government and much more.




We understand the complexity of the solutions we build, however with experiences we have, dealing with large corporations such as banks, insurances, contractors, telcos, supermarkets, tradings, IT companies, healthcare and much more, we believe to be able to achieve our designed roadmap in a timely manner. Most of the solutions we developed as individual developers were already implemented in several companies sucessfully and you might have been using them frequently in your daily life. Some of the companies even had already made great profit and multiplied their income in tens of million dollars from the innovations we created.



What makes us unique


☑️ We honour security and privacy. Unlike other apps in the market, our apps do not track your activities, we do not harvest your data. You can even use your alias without giving your phone number or email. Furthermore, you can manage your own ERP data with your own storage device such as micro SD card. However, if you have the necessity to track your company activities or your employee's activities, we can create a new app for you. Our uniquely designed tracker is very accurate and can work even without the internet. For the past 5 years, 6 million homecare visits have been verified through the app we developed.
If you want us to manage your data, we have special double encryption technology to secure your sensitive data in our server.

☑️ We are your working partners, not a seller, our business run by the people you know and most of our services are free

☑️ Our app is not an ordinary app. This one app has many apps within: Marketing, Messaging, ERP, HRMS, Blockchain, IOT, and much more

☑️ We aim to be the 1st ever developer to create a combined Marketing and ERP solutions running as a corporate mobile app

☑️ Despite its completeness, our app is simple to use, our accounting app is probably the simplest accounting program ever created which can connect to Mainframe, Midframe, PC, Mac and other Mobile Devices

☑️ Our app is very lightweight and super fast. It takes only 1 second to pull data from the server due to our special algorithm, as a comparison in the internet world, 4 seconds is fast, while the norm speed is usually around 5 - 12 seconds. Don't trust our word, please try it!

☑️ We limit our membership, it is a membership by invitation. It works like a mall with limited fully furnished kiosks you can own for free.



Our Team


👨‍💼 Alfian : Mobile, IoT and Blockchain Developer
a Certified Information System Auditor, and hold 3 Certifications in Blockchain Technology
He worked in several institutions : Intl Trade Services Scotiabank, IBM, TD Bank, Mt Sinai Health System, and currently involved as an active software developer of the current & Next Gen Point of Sale for 2 largest supermarket groups in Canada.

👨‍💼 Reza : Business Strategist

👨‍💼 Ajay : Web and Cloud Computing Expert



Contact us


For further information and the demonstration of our system, please do not hesitate to contact us :
We would like to hear how we can help you and colaborate your business with others to make it flourish in the near future.

A series of talks and presentations will also be conducted on weekends, contact us for more details. We will also announce it through running text on our app when it is due.