short guideline has two free version of apps: Android phone   and  iOS iPhone  , both are currently in prototype modes.

iOS version will be available by end of June 2019 (Q2).     Search key on Google Play Store and App Store:

Here is a side by side menu in Android and iOS:











Start icon

a network of possibilities






Main App Menu


At the bottom of the menu, there is a running text feature.

This is where all the alert, notification and links are available, besides the messaging service feature.


The running text is clickable; more news can be access from the links behind it.


Running text can contain: alert, notification, on sale items, item discount, gathering and meet up calls and much more.




                                                               This is running text  à          



Left Side menu

 (a.k.a. the Hamburger menu) give you access to

Messaging Service Inbox

Shortcuts to Category



Language on Category list shortcuts can be changed from Right Side Menu






Right Side Menu


Search menu

Language selection menu : English & Français




















Available on June 2019


Select the start up by tapping item  from the Main Menu



You can publish free 100 images on this feature.








Available on June 2019


From step 5 , tap image to zoom out / zoom in by pinching the image






Available on June 2019


From step 5, you can access your free website which we create for you , or if you already have a website, we can link up your website to this icon


You can have free one page website on this feature.






Available on June 2019


From step 5 you can access ERP app and control panel by tapping this button:


To login you can tap Start and aim your phone’s back camera to the  QR Code or

you can type your password and tap Sign In key.


This login can direct you to your free ERP system, or if you already have an accounting software in your phone, we can link it up to your accounting app (system).






Available on June 2019


After login, you can access your ERP menus.

At the present time, your credentials can only access a demo version of the ERP system.

We will keep updating the features, and when they are ready, we will notify you from the running text on the Main Menu. We will send you email, if you provide us your email address.






Available on June 2019


From ERP menu, you can tap Control Panel.

This menu will help you to send broad message to those who subscribe to your channel.

This is also a Demo version, and will be updated to real feature soon.






Available on June 2019

This is part 1 of documentation series:  (Introduction) Short Guideline, Control Panel Guideline, Messaging Guideline, ERP Guidelines: (Accounting, Inventory, Production), HRM Guideline, Blockchain Smart Contract Guideline, Blockchain IoT Guideline, AI on Blockchain Guideline.



end of  short app guideline – may 18, 2019



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